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Statement of the Board of Directors, Elsa Security

We are very pleased to present this social impact statement from Elsa security Ltd. It reports the views of staff, clients, the broader community and other key stakeholders on the social impact that Elsa security has had on them since the company started trading. Stakeholders can be described as those people or organisations who are either affected by, or who can affect the activities of the organisation.

It sought to capture the range and extent of non-financial impacts of our activities. As a social enterprise, achieving social impact is of critical importance to us – these impacts however, have remained unrecorded to date.

The project has been funded under the FÁS social economy programme since 2002, and is currently funded by the successor to the FAS programme: The Community Services Programme – under the Dept of Community Rural and Gealteacht Affairs – administered by POBAL. We are in our fourth year. The base-line data was collated at mid point.

In completing this study, we consulted with our stakeholders, asking them to report to us how Elsa has impacted on them. The report outlines how people’s lives and the lives of their families have been positively impacted by Elsa; as well as how those using the services of Elsa, including community groups have been able to provide services with the support and assistance of the project. We are proud that all those consulted reported that Elsa had achieved a positive social impact, and there were no dissenting views.

This social impact statement has also included a review of the organisation against established indicators for best practice social economy enterprise activity.

Together, we feel that this document provides a good basis for Elsa going forward, building on its social performance to date and achieving long-term sustainability.

In completing this we would like to acknowledge Louise Kelly, FÁS Baldoyle and Enda Fynes of DBI for their support and encouragement.


Download the full report on Social Impact  
Download the full report: Social Impact Statement by Elsa Security Ltd.
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William Byrne Chairman
Elsa Security Limited
For and on behalf of Elsa Security Limited



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